Is COVID-19 More Harmful to Smokers and E-cigarette Users?

According to BGR, is the new coronavirus more harmful to smokers or e-cigarette users? At present, there is still not much research on the specific impact of the new coronavirus on people with these habits. Medical researchers point out that the severity of the new coronavirus infection can be judged partly by whether the disease has progressed to pneumonia after the initial cold and flu-like symptoms. In these cases, people with lung damage need additional treatment.

The harm of smoking to the lungs is well known. According to media reports, Chinese researchers recently discovered that among COVID-19 patients who tested positive, smoking patients were 14 times more likely to develop pneumonia than non-smoking patients. Pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection is considered to be the leading cause of death in patients who test positive for the virus. If the disease progresses to this point, lung damage is clearly a major risk multiplier. Smoking and even using electronic cigarettes can make things worse. However, smoking is not the only risk factor that may be associated with lung disease.

There is a serious lack of research on how smoking directly affects lung function, but some health experts believe that smoking hinders the function of lung cells. If this is the case, people who overuse e-cigarettes may also find themselves at increased risk of complications due to infection with the new coronavirus.

At this point, due to the relatively small sample size of infected patients and the lack of in-depth research, it is difficult for doctors to determine how much influence smoking or even the use of e-cigarettes has.

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